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Let Me Introduce Myself …

I’m Marc Hinds and I’m here to help you make your Bible study easier and more effective. I’ve been preaching the gospel with churches of Christ nearly 30 years.

In 2012, I wrote a Bible survey called The Big Picture: A Guide to Learning the Bible’s Story. Since its publication, the book has sold nearly 15,000 copies! I’ve received positive feedback from folks who have used the book for personal study and as a reference tool. (It’s even been used as a homeschool curriculum.)

And so, over a decade since its publication, I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel, Wholly Bible Study.

I like to emphasize the importance of reading whole books of the Bible as quickly as possible. Reading the Bible for 20 minutes or less a day is a great way to get the big picture of a Bible book over a few days.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is helping people learn to study the Bible more effectively. While it’s great to listen to someone teach on a Bible book, the teacher always learns more than the students. And why is that? Because as you prepare for a Bible study, you learn far more than you’re able to fit into a class!

I’m wanting to help you become a better Bible student by learning to study for yourself.

Follow along and get tips and suggestions on Bible tools and techniques to improve your Bible study. We’ll study God’s Word together, looking for literary features and understanding what the Biblical authors were trying to convey to their original audience and how.

At Wholly Bible Study, I want to help make your Bible study easier.